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STUFF WE ALL LIKE in one place. One hub. I find stuff, add the direct links to the page, and share it with you all.

Affiliate Disclaimer: Hi, Timothy here. I created this site to share some of my favorite finds that I believe most people like or would enjoy. 


Some things practical and some just for fun. Some times I get inspiration to share finds that I currently own or those that I see others own and I find them to be really cool. Over the years I was always viewed by friends as the person who always find stuff we all like or stuff that is unique. This reputation I developed along with the inspiration from many other great influencers with similar platforms helped me to jump on board and share my gift with everyone.


I partnered with some companies to help with my gift of sharing and the list keeps growing. With that being said, I was welcomed into the world of affiliate partnerships and now can share some awesome finds with links to products that would benefit all of us. Please note that this website contains links to affiliate websites/products. When you click on and/or make a purchase through an affiliate link placed on the website, I may receive a small commission or other form of compensation at no additional cost to you. Please assume that any links contained on this website are affiliate links. Thank you for your support and happy browsing. 

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